In Search Of Mr.Right

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Want to become SOMEONE?

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“I am ugly. I am not that smart. I don’t deserve his love. I am too skinny. I am fat. How to become like her, she is real goddess but I am just an ugly duckling” Have you ever heard these stupid words before or Have you ever feel this way before? If so I want to say that you or she needs to recreate the mind. Most stupid mistake that women do is to underestimate themselves.

I believe that there is no such ugly woman in the world but there are woman who turn themselves into the ugly beast. So we can divide women into two categories: First, confident woman – Second, unconfident women. For the first type of women, it doesn’t matter whether they born beautifully or not. But every time they look attractive and catchy. They always shine and leave deep impression to other people. Second type of women always hides in their own shell. They hate to reveal themselves to the public. That’s why mostly people don’t remember them. These women don’t use their advantage and always feels that they are born in unfortunate star. As a result they always lose and become loser of life.

So here I have some advices for second type of women who need to develop their confidence.

First of all, Look at the mirror carefully. See how beautiful you are. And tell yourself that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Way to evaluate yourself is very important and your mind is the powerful weapon that makes you SOMEONE. Always remember that no one is perfect however people who could use their advantage and bury their weak point looks like they are perfect. Honestly I am not the type of girl who is 90х60х90. But I always feel confident for my body and myself. There is no absolute answer for question which means 90х60х90 is not the way to measure beautiful woman. And the most important thing that you should keep in your mind is never ever try to  imitate other people. Just be who you are.

Secondly, Always smile and feel the wonderful life you have. Everything has 2 sides, so try your best to see the bright side of things. And please greet to the all people you know every time you see them. But do not forget that fake smile is worse than doing nothing. Giving the good energy to people through smile is a positive method to increase your confidence.

Next, Update your brain constantly. There are hundreds of “bimbos” around us. Developing yourself gives you the full confidence when you talk with other people. Because if you don’t understand what others saying to you, it might decrease your confidence. People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.

To sum up, Only you are the person who can change yourself. Life is full of opportunity simply if you can see it. So come out from your shell and grab those opportunity. Don’t be just wallflower but be the QUEEN of the world.

Denise (Suvd.B)

Not much movie can touch the viewer’s heart and make them cry. Especially if it is an action movie, it is almost impossible. Most action movies are dedicated for the middle aged guys. So in many cases there is a lack of romance and emotional scene. But I know one movie that makes me cry like a little girl who lost her candy.

Leon The Professional is an extraordinary action thriller film, written and directed by french director Luc Besson. The movie was released in 1994. It is the wonderful and mysterious love relationship between 12 years old Mathilda and 45 years old Leon. It stars Jean Reno as a mob hitman, Gary Oldman as a corrupt DEA detective, and a young Natalie Portman.

Mathilda’s family especially his younger brother were killed by Stansfield, a corrupt DEA agent who connected with drug trade. Leon was her mysterious neighbor. After Mathilda knew their family is killed she knocked his door and begged for to let her come in. This is how the story begins. Leon’s life is revealed by Mathilda that he is a hitman. Mathilda asked Leon to teach her how to kill someone in order take the revenge from the corrupted agent. As the day passed they are starting to attract each other. Leon’s desire to protect her makes this movie much more passionate. All of this relationship between them maybe seems so strange to the viewers who didn’t watch this movie fully, but their relationship is mentally and Leon’s mind is much more likely to the 19 years old boy and Mathilda is 19 years old girl spiritually. Even in the reality there is a huge age difference but in their thinking there is no age difference. In the end of the movie Mathilda could take her revenge but lost Leon for this reason. Leon dies in order to save Mathilda.

Acting of this movie was incredible. Jean Reno was the only perfect match for this movie. His role expression was unbelievably great and he made this movie alive. Also I can’t forget the 12 years old Natalie Portman who is 2010 Academy Award Actress for her role in Black Swan movie. Her first movie was this and even she was 12 years old at that time she played very wisely and maturely.

Critical response from the movie experts was good enough. Rotten Tomatoes rated this movie for 78% and gave the “Certified Fresh” assessment.

In conclusion, I want to recommend all people to watch this movie and feel the new taste of combination of love, revenge, thriller and action.

Denise (Suvd.B)